Business centre

Numerous groups of visitors

Service entrance reader

The service entrance is secured by an entry reader, which processes the employees time and attendance arrival data. When departing from work the employee uses his key fob at the exit reader, which registers the departure time in time and attendance as well.

System management and overviews

In object utility room, it is possible to monitor the visitors’ and employees’ presence overviews and evaluate their activity.

System controller in technical room

The entire access control system is controlled with a MCA 168.2 system controller with individual customized program for access control suited for specific conditions of the application.

Reader at the entrance to the VIP Reader at the entrance to the VIP parking lot

The VIP visitors can use the VIP parking lot. The entrance is allowed only for valid cards with such authorization.

Entry reader

Entering the object is conditioned e.g. by the amount of remaining credits the visitor has, or by a time schedule (typically limited time membership). If the entry conditions are met, the user can pass the turn-stile and enter the building.

Exit reader

The exit reader prevents repeated access of a single person without leaving first (anti-passback function).

A solution for a large number of users, whose access to the object is conditioned with e.g. time schedule or remaining credit. Thanks to the online authorization process the number of users is unlimited and fulfills the requirements for the most visited objects. The same system registers the time and attendance data of the employees at the same time.

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